Hugh Whelchel is Executive Director of the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics and author of How Then Should We Work? Rediscovering the Biblical Doctrine of Work. He penned an article titled “Is Pursuing Wealth or Poverty More Virtuous?” that borrows heavily from Ken Eldred’s first book God Is at Work.

The key points relating to poverty and wealth are also found in The Integrated Life. As Chapter 7 explains, both the “poverty gospel” and the “health and wealth gospel” miss the mark of biblical teaching on wealth. But there are several truths Scripture does make about prosperity: wealth is to be in all areas, wealth is from God, wealth is to be managed, wealth is to be used for God’s purpose, wealth is not our source of trust, wealth is to be enjoyed.

At any rate, check out the article by Hugh Whelchel:

Is Pursuing Wealth or Poverty More Virtuous?

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