As you can well imagine, I receive hundreds of books. I generally skim through a few and figure out what they’re about and that’s it. I just don’t have a lot of time. I started reading yours, however, and was absolutely captured by it. The Integrated Life is filled with very valuable insights and wisdom… This is really great stuff …a tremendous piece of work.

Chuck Colson, Christian Leader & Author, Former Special Counsel to the President

Ken Eldred writes compellingly about the “Sunday-Monday Gap,” sharing real-life examples of how this split impoverishes both our faith life and our business life. Eldred takes us out of this false choice, and offers wonderful wisdom and stories about how to live an integrated and abundant life.

Professor David W. Miller, Director, Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative

For years I have been blessed and challenged by the life and ministry of Ken Eldred. My prayer is that this book will challenge many to live out their faith in the high-pressure world of business, technology, and finance in the same real, vibrant, and pervasive way.

Dr. Luis Palau, World Evangelist

Ken Eldred has addressed a topic that has confused and bewildered Christians for years—how to reconcile your faith and your work. Whether you are a CEO or a bagboy at the supermarket, this book will show you how you can transform people, organizations and communities by serving others to glorify God.

Dr. John E. Mulford, Former Dean of Graduate School of Business, Regent University

Dr. Eldred’s unique added distinctive is his skill to translate spiritual values into the business equation where it connects and convinces the most astute MBA. Never have I heard a man who speaks with greater effect upon an audience! …a must read, chock full of the nuggets of wisdom that have made Dr. Eldred such a rare find!

Dr. Jerry Johnston, Senior Pastor, First Family Church, Kansas City, Kansas

I have been privileged to work with Ken Eldred for 40 years and watch him truly integrate his faith and business skills to build profitable businesses and impact lives in the marketplace. This book can be instrumental in helping believers to integrate their faith and their work to be personally fulfilled and more successful as they work to transform the marketplace and society.

John B. Mumford, Founding Partner, Crosspoint Venture Partners

Ken Eldred has proven his extraordinary gifts in the areas of faith and business over the years, and now he has been proficient in connecting these two crucial elements of success seamlessly in his latest book… I highly recommend that you read and study Ken Eldred’s latest book which is tremendous in its scope and vision.

Dr. Yonggi Cho, Founding Pastor, Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, Korea

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