The Integrated Life

Experience the Powerful Advantage of Integrating Your Faith and Work

We’re all exhausted. We struggle with conflicting demands of life—work, family, and faith. We sense an unsettling disconnectedness between those competing spheres. How do we resolve the tension between work and spiritual life?

What if we recognized a deep connection between faith and business? What if biblical values weren’t roadblocks but actually the source of successful business? What if the real goal of business were more noble than profit maximization? What if we could see our everyday work as having spiritual value? What if we could approach it as ministry? What if it were our calling, a calling as high as that of a pastor or missionary? What if God cared deeply about our work and wanted to be involved? And what if we could even partner with him in our business?

The Integrated Life reveals the secrets to:

  • Bridging the work-faith divide, thus ending the compartmentalization in our lives that tends to burn us out
  • Understanding the erroneous messages from both business and church, which lead to compartmentalization and disintegration in the first place
  • Debunking the fallacious separation of church and business, which actually share a common goal
  • Living a new paradigm of work that views it as a calling and sacred ministry

The Integrated Life is punctuated with:

  • Practical steps, concrete principles, and rules of thumb that lead to abundant living in work and faith
  • Inspirational and instructional real-world stories of the author and others in the marketplace, from CEOs to grocery baggers, who have found ways to integrate their faith and their work
  • An exciting and motivating picture of how the marketplace and society can be transformed through business people who are willing to bring their faith to work
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