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Clear and compelling—a good blend of principles and personal story.

Brett Johnson, Business Consultant & Author, Father of Three, California

I loved the book… As my wife and I read, we could see how the principles in the book not only applied to the business world but to our family as well.

Joey Burns, Real Estate Businessman, Father of Five, Colorado

A quick read. Well written and very applicable to a number of issues I am currently wrestling with.

Richard Rock, Wealth Manager, Father of Two, California

I was hooked… Very, very powerful. I look forward to taking friends and even our pastor through it.

Justin Forman, Executive Vice President of Publishing Company, Father of One, Texas

Truly like intellectual and spiritual manna! Very timely in my life… Real business wisdom coming from someone who has been there—and has successfully done that.

Brad Zielinski, Sales Manager, Single, California

This is a very good book, one that seems to be a natural follow-on to “God Is at Work” … Ken’s new book helps us see how to live out our faith in our daily work lives, and impact our co-workers, even our surrounding neighborhoods and culture. As it turns out, in my own journey of faith, I am, right now, asking some of the same questions Ken addresses. This is a timely book for me.

Rick Thrasher, Computer Software Professional, Father of Three, California

Relevant and well written… speaks directly to many of the issues of misunderstanding experienced by Christian business leaders.

Duane Moyer, Marketing Director, Father of Three, Georgia

Really enjoying the book. I’m hooked.

Mark Bucko, Pastor, Father of Three, California

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